среда, 21 ноября 2012 г.

EDX: CS 50 Harvard course

When programming my new prototype tamagochi game I came to realisation that my computer science foundation is too weak. And fortunately something new was coming up.

CS50x Introduction to Computer Science - https://www.edx.org/courses/HarvardX/CS50x/2012/info
 This is a new course on computer science ran by Harvard and online education company - EdX. It is completely free and very useful. The course goes faster and faster and by week 3 we are already writing different sort functions.

Course is very well thought out, and what I love about it is that it has two levels of difficulty. There are regular assignments that go for credit and there are Hacker versions, which are not for credit and they are optional, but they are so satisfying to make. For example, on week 2 regular assignment was to implement very simple encryption algorithm (Caesar) and for hacker edition we had to make a program to crack Unix passwords out of hashes. They are huge challenge forsomeone starting out, and require some thinking even from people who are ok with programming. There are loads of video materials, sections and additional short videos that help you understand tough points and problem sets.

I can highly recommend this course to anyone. It does not have deadlines but for the last in April'13 so you can skip worrying that you are too late. Not to say that it is Harvard course, the one that is run on campus right now.

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