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Books on starting game development on iOS

Some people asked me, what are the good books to start iphone development. Couple of years ago it was a problem for new people like me, since books about iOS programming presumed you had prior programming experience. But fear not, today there are a few that even total beginner to programming can use.

First of all, you need to learn some Objective-C. You can use these two books:

Objective-C Programming - The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

I can't recommend this book enough. It takes you from knowing nothing to being ok with programming concepts and Objective-c syntax. Books flows nicely, and Big Nerd Ranch books are great. You should try this book first.

This is a nice book, author manages to explain hard concepts to complete beginners. Excellent excersises, huge amount of content, and useful reference. I use this book to look up some concepts from time to time if I need a refresher.

This book is the book to learn iOS programming. It goes with steady pace, teaching you to use all major features of iOS, major frameworks, and does this in exctiting manner. Excersises in this book are presented in great form - there is bronze, silver and gold challenge at the end of each chapter.Bronze will take you few minutes, silver will start you thinking for some time and gold will take some serious brainstorm, and could possible take hours. This book promotes use of Apple documentation and is considered the best book on iOS development.

Learn cocos2d game development with iOS 5

Great book to start gamedev on iOS. It explains cocos2d engine by making a few games, covering all topics related to cocos2d. You will make few fully functional games and source code is rich in comments and jiuce. New edition of the book is available on August 29, 2012, so get the new one.

If you are to start game development for iOS these are the books I recommend, as I used them myself and loved.

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